The word lingers in my heart like an unspoken dream that can’t let itself drift off to the depths…it wants to hang on…You’ve felt it, too, I’m sure…


I thought it would be different. I thought I heard him promise something that now doesn’t even seem possible.

I remind myself that his ways are higher.

There is a way that seems right to man…but that path leads to destruction.

What happens when things don’t go the way we thought? What happens when we were so sure the Lord had showed us something…told us something…gave us a deep desire for this thing…only to find out it is not to be? How does faith brim up to the surface then?

Lord, help my unbelief.

It feels so selfish. People are suffering all across the world, and I sit here in the darkness in my mind trying desperately to fight my way out of it. Don’t let it ensnare me again…

I’ll paint the walls white. I’ll put up new lights that make the house brighter. I’ll take the supplements. All in an effort to keep the darkness in my mind at bay. Will that work?

Probably not.

But one thing will.

There is Hope, but it is not to be found in the realized dreams, in the imagined reality, in the new paint…there is but one Hope.

Hope’s name is Jesus. And some 2000 years ago, he laid down his life for mine. And for yours. In the way that only true Love can. In blood and gore, he poured himself out til water ran clear. He gave everything for this broken world…this world breaking with disappointment…disappointment that just lingers. A world fighting in whatever way it can come up with to keep the darkness at bay. But the world is not equipped to fight back. Only Light can do that.

When Jesus laid down his life, all that darkness was completely overcome. Kind of like a tomb shattering and all the light comes screaming out of every crack and crevice in the stone….disintegrating any rubble in its path.

This day is GOOD. It reminds us that our disappointments in this present age are but a breath. We have perfection to look forward to.

Light reigns.

Jesus reigns.


*if you find yourself here reading the words that tumble out of my mind, and you don’t know this Hope…this Love…please message me. I’d love to chat. Not to convince you of anything, but just because I’d like to know you. 🤍