Poured Out

“A woman who lived in that town, a sinner who was aware that he was eating in the home of the Parush (Pharisee), brought an alabaster box of very expensive perfume, stood behind Yeshua at his feet and wept until her tears began to wet his feet. Then she wiped his feet with her own hair, kissed his feet and poured the perfume on them…’I tell you that her sins-which are many!-have been forgiven, because she loved much.'”-Luke 7:37-38,47(CJB)

What is the state of my alabaster box? 

You see, the alabaster box was a porous stone box sealed with perfume in it. Because it was porous it would slowly release fragrance over many years. The custom was that when a girl reached an age appropriate for marriage, her family would purchase an alabaster box filled with expensive perfume to be used as part of her dowry. When a suitor would ask for her hand in marriage, if the proposal was to be accepted, the box would be broken at his feet. This would likely be the only thing of value a woman might own. Once the box was broken or opened, the scent could no longer be contained.

A special item…to be saved for a special man. 

This woman, this precious woman…I feel like I know this woman…a sinner…

We have so much in common. 

How uncomfortable must she have been? She went to the Pharisee’s home, where she would not have been received with open arms, because she knew that Yeshua would be there. I imagine her, heart fluttering, stomach turning, running home to grab her one item of value, and racing the streets just to be where he was. 

Just to sit at his feet…because on some primal level, deep in her spirit, she knew that this Yeshua could turn her ashes to beauty. 

And so, she broke the alabaster…at his feet…where she wept…believed…hoped…worshipped…loved…  

She left a lot lying on the floor that day.

And the part that is so shocking and also not shocking at all…He loved her right back. He washed the filth right off.

He loved her from before time began..this was just the first moment she began to realize it.

After watching this scene play out in my mind, I again have to ask myself…What is the state of my alabaster box? Am I completely broken open? Fully surrendered? Poured out?

Jesus poured out his very blood for us…

So, Lord, today and every day, take more of me…

Today, this is my heart song. I will bow my life…

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